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KPFA Interview, April 30, 2017

KPFA Live Interview with Safi Wa Nairobi

​......those are the lovely pipes of Jamie Zimmer.

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CJC, April 26, 2017

​​Top Winners of Living Jazz's Jazz Search West 2017

​Vocalist Jamie Zimmer, a first-year student at CJC, was awarded second place with a scholarship to the California Jazz Conservatory.

Berkeleyside, June 22, 2017

​​Scientific Swing, Dr. Herb Wong and BUSD Jazz

​A musical and multi-media production, Fingerote’s presentation includes cover art of albums that Wong produced for the two labels he founded, Palo Alto and Black Hawk Records, photos, and stories interspersed with standards performed by Jamie Zimmer (aka Jamie Zee), a gifted young singer.